I believe these three items I chose really relate to my personality in a way. To start, I chose the MIL SPEC Multi CAM Parka as it reminded me very much of my experiences in the US Army. The US Army currently uses Multi CAM as one of their primary camouflages. Its a very attract camouflage in my opinion. The other reason I chose this was the materials used in it. Gore-Tex lined also reminded me to use quality product in the field. You never know when your product will be put under harsh conditions (in my case, it did ) and I would never accept anything less. The second item I chose was the A-2 Horsehide Leather Jacket. This jacket personifies my more dressy attire. It’s really how I gain all my inspiration on my current blog. It has the 1940’s feel to it, which is a time I highly respect. I usually accompany this type of jacket with blue or black blazer under and a tie. Lastly, the third jacket I chose was the CWU Pilot Jacket. This is a great representation of my streetstyle/ streetwear casual look. I will always implement a militant dress code to just about every outfit, it’s just in my nature. This would be a great jacket to go with my button up, denim jeans and boots. Walking around or shopping around, this jacket is a perfect replica of a flight jacket that has been worn by a former pilot. I hope to throw on a few of my personal patches to spice it up.

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